The position listed below is not with Ohio Interviews but with Carbon Solutions Group

Job Description

Carbon Solutions Group is a renewable energy consulting firm, and we are looking for a new member to help with administration and customer service in our SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) aggregation business. This role will focus on fulfilling and maintaining new and existing contracts, largely with our partner installers, homeowners and small businesses. We are looking for applicants in Portland, OR or San Diego, CA who can play a supportive role in the SREC business.


In general we are seeking a process-oriented candidate that can self-motivate. While experience with administration and business level communication is appreciated, no experience is required.


Expected Compensation

$40k+ Starting Salary (Depending on Experience)


Responsibilities and Duties

  • To communicate daily with our installer partners and new and existing clients on a variety of topics, including:

    • Questions on: contracts, payments, timelines, policy, program requirements, etc.

    • Requesting information such as: required documentation, missing contract information, and meter reads to create SRECS.

    • Roughly 50% of the role will be spent communicating in this way.


  • To execute monthly administrative requirements regarding the generation of SRECS including:

    • Sending emails to existing clients asking for meter reads, or notifying them that there is an issue.

    • Augmenting existing processes to allow a third party to aid in completion of data entry or document uploads.

    • Downloading, uploading, and formatting CSVs, and utilizing intermediate Sheets/Excel formulas to pull and sort data efficiently.

    • Roughly 10% of the role will be data oriented around generating SRECs, or system registration.


  • To be somewhat familiar with renewable energy policy in the state of Illinois, particularly the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) programs, including the Adjustable Block Program.

    • Roughly 10% of the role will pertain to getting up to speed on policy and self-educating on policy in specific states. As policy changes we will provide relevant materials so that you can stay on top of the rules and regulations.

  • The remaining 30% of the role will depend on your comfort level in this role and ability to step beyond it. This may include, but is not limited to:

    • Process Design

    • Mass Communication (Blogs, Emails)

    • Input on Web Development


Core Skills

  • Administrative

    • Experience and ability to work with Office/Google Suite products (GMail, Sheets/Excel, Docs, and Google Drive).

    • Contracts will be sent and received via Docusign and familiarity with the program is a plus.

    • Familiarity with PJM-EIS GATS is not required, but is appreciated.

  • Policy

    • Ability to understand the rules regarding the programs is key in accurately communicating with clients and installers.


  • Communication

    • The job is heavily reliant on email and phone communication, so comfort and experience via both are required.

    • Prior experience with Customer Relationship Management tools such as Hubspot and Zendesk would be useful.